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A COVID-19 story

Rooftop Client

Dante is a single dad and custodial parent.  He's always made a good living as an electrican.  He was furloughed in late March.  Like many Davidson County residents, Dante did not start receiving unemployment until May.  The CARES Act portion ended at the end of July.   Dante has been called back to work 30 hours a week and the girls are now able to return to daycare.  However, Dante had gotten behind in rental payments.  The property manager had already turned the case over to the lawyers for eviction.  Dante had a portion of his payment, but couldn't cover everything.  Rooftop was able to take a check the law office and stop the eviction.  Dante was so grateful and told his Rooftop case worker, "if you ever wonder if what you do makes a difference, tonight it did."  Thanks to funding from COVID relief and the CARES Act, Roofotp was able to help with a larger balance than we could normally consider.