Church Referral Process

  1. Client calls or visits a partner congregation.
  2. The congregational representative completes an short online application for the client.
  3. The application is automatically submitted to Rooftop for review.
  4. Within 1-3 business days, a Rooftop social worker calls the client to prescreen him/her for initial qualification for Rooftop assistance.
  5. The initial qualifications are: living in Davidson County, having lived in that home for at least 3 months, having a legal lease/mortgage in his/her name,and being able to contribute to what is owed.
  6. If the client does not meet the initial qualifications for Rooftop, the social worker refers him/her to other area resources.
  7. If the client meets the initial qualifications for Rooftop, the social worker will schedule a time to meet and gather additional information.
  8. The client will be advised by the Rooftop social worker to bring documentation of the financial crisis that caused him/her to get behind in their rent/mortgage/utility bill and other necessary documentation to that meeting.
  9. Following the meeting between the client and the Rooftop social worker, Rooftop's Review Committee, which meets weekly, will meet to determine whether or not the client will receive Rooftop Assistance.
  10. The client will be notified of the Committee's decision, and, if approved, Rooftop will send the check directly to the landlord, mortgage company, or utility company.
  11. Please be advised that more people qualify for assistance each week than Rooftop is able to fund, but we make every effort to help as many people in need as possible.